Strategic Planning [...]

Need to specify the strategic goals of the institution and the methods to be used.

Issues-based approach to strategic planning is an alternative to goal-based. It allows the focus to remain on the present, rather than some imaginary future. Also other models.

Will eventually need responsibilities and timelines - management plan.


Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Timely, Extend the capabilities of the group, and Rewarding.

Arguments exist that SMART goals are a problem, in part due to 35 years of research on goal setting shows

  • Setting specific, difficult goals consistently leads to higher performance than just urging people to do their best.
  • High goals generate greater effort than low goals, and the highest or most difficult goals produce the greatest levels of effort and performance.
  • Tight deadlines lead to a more rapid work pace than loose deadlines.
  • Making a public commitment to a goal enhances personal commitment.
  • Whether the goal is set by mutual agreement or by the boss alone doesn’t make a big difference in goal achievement.

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