Assemblage (Jones, 2015) [...]

Jones, C. (2015). Networked Learning: A New Paradigm? In C. Jones (Ed.), Networked Learning: An Educational Paradigm for the Age of Digital Networks (pp. 225–243). Springer International Publishing.

== Definition

Jones does not adopt the radical view of ontology of Latour etc which

argues that there are multiple realities constituted by practices and that in some cases the realities that are constituted by different practices although they are related to the same object are incommensurable.....My preferences remain solidly realist in relation to this question about ontology, although my empahsis is firmly on how we come to know, rather than the nature of reality itself.

== Other Definitions

used throughout this book to discuss complex systems composed of humans and machines (p. 231)

Latour's view of assemblage is linked to Deleuze's metaphor of rhizomes with quote on p. 231

Arthur (2009, p. 28) argues that one of the three distinct ways to thing of technology is "as an assemblage of practices and components". Jones argues this is more mundane than Latour's

== Application

It is as assemblages offering various kinds of complex affordances that technologies are most likely to be found in education and learning. A Learning Management System is one such assemblage of various tools and technologies that presents students and teachers with a complex of potenital affordances many of which are interdependent (p. 226)

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Why do you go to University [...]

Blog post from Mark Guzdial with discussions with Alan Kay initially exploring why do students study programming, evolves into broader question of why do US students go to college

50 year reflection monograph from the UCLA HERI Freshman Survey asks a question "why do you go to college"

  • 1971 - 44.5% say "to make more money"
  • 2015 - 85.2%

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