50 research methods for innovation – infographic [...]

Over the years, many different works have been published that deal with creative research methods: there are so many great alternatives for finding that real gap in the market and iterating your product to its final stage. I decided to create an infographic with 50 different research methods (Source)

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Professional standards, teacher idenities and an ethics of singularity [...]

This paper offers a critical analysis of the education policy move towards teacher professional standards. Drawing on Lacan's three registers of the psyche (real, imaginary and symbolic), the paper argues that moves towards codification (and domestication) of teachers' work and identities in standardized (and sani-tized) forms, such as the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership professional standards recently adopted in Australia, can be read as a colonization of the Real and the imaginary by (a rather static, mortified form of) the symbolic. The paper argues that in response to such normalizing moves, we need to consider how we might conceptualize the reanimation of what it means to teach and be a teacher, something we attempt in terms of enabling each of the psyche's registers to inter-animate each other, as a means of engendering teacher identities characterized by criticality, creativity and passion – that is, by an ethics of singularity rather than by standardization. (Source)

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Empowering the future teacher – tensions [...]

Highlights some of the key tensions.

From Empower the future teacher

Current problems and tensions

Autonomy <--> Quality assurance

Context dependence <--> Global policies

Research insights <--> Practitioner intuitions

How do we enable teachers of the future to:

Apply knowledge from research
Propagate innovation from practice
Enhance creativity
Reflect on practice
Make good decisions about pedagogy
and about technology

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