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Thinking out loud

Thinking out loud with wikity

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Reusability Paradox [...]

David Wiley's identification of the paradox identifying that making a learning object more re-usable, means reducing its pedagogical value > t turns out that reusability and pedagogical effectiveness are completely orthogonal to each other. Therefore, pedagogical effectiveness and potential for reuse are completely at odds with one another, unless the end user is p...


OER as a participatory activity | Saylor Academy [...]

If OER is participatory, then the environment should support and encourage participation > But Saylor Academy would absolutely benefit from infrastructure that would encourage us, our students, our partners, and members of the wider open community to really create the open content we need from the open content that we have. - The Moodle open book project is a small s...


Hello world! [...]

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!...